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World of Awakening School (WOA): A Journey to Inner Freedom and Self-Discovery

World of Awakening School (WOA): A Journey to Inner Freedom and Self-Discovery

United States, 18th Jul 2023, King NewsWire Remember the questions that lingered in our minds long after we left school? Questions about our purpose, our identity, and the nature of the universe itself. World of Awakening is a transformative school dedicated to helping individuals find answers and embark on a path of self-realisation.

At WOA School, we guide people towards the state of awakening, where questions dissolve, and clarity emerges. It is a profound shift in perception, allowing individuals to experience life from a place of deep connection, inner freedom, and joy. Fear and vanity diminish, replaced by peace and a direct understanding of reality beyond the limitations of the five senses.

Our school is a vibrant community, continuously evolving and expanding. We have a diverse team of students from all corners of the world, ranging from young adults to those in their golden years. We are interested in creating a conceptually different society. We believe that living solely for material comforts and the mind’s pursuits is no longer fulfilling. The needs of the soul must take precedence.

WOA is a practical system of knowledge that leads to awakening and further transformation. Efficiency of our method has been proven by our results: more than hundred people crossed the point of awakening and continue their spiritual development in our retreat centres. Some of them awakened during our online courses and retreats, for some it took a couple of years to get ready. Transformations happen faster in the environment where people transmit the energy of awakening, that is why we encourage people to live and practice among us if they want to see their own rapid changes.

Under the guidance of our enlightened teacher, who has traversed the path to full realisation – the exit from samsara, we practice various tools and techniques. These include yoga, meditation, awareness practices, teamwork, ego work, and sharing knowledge to assist others in their journey of self-discovery.

In World of Awakening School, we emphasise:

  1. Experiencing life fully: Developing intuition, trusting life, and perceiving with heightened awareness.
  2. Understanding our true nature: Expanding beyond identification with the mind and body, recognizing the infinite essence within.
  3. Disciplining the mind: Quieting the incessant mental chatter and cultivating stillness and clarity.
  4. Harmonious relationships: Dissolving the illusion of separation, fostering deep connections, and embracing empathy and compassion.

To learn more about our community and methodology, we invite you to participate in one of our events, such as stillness practices, live encounters, online intensives, webinars with awakened students, our immersive 7-10 day retreat as a starting point for more profound engagement with our team and teacher and our unique course for deep awakening – “Paradanta Meditation”, where everyone connects with his subtle energy through receiving his own consonance.

World of Awakening School does not seek to impose another model of the universe. Instead, we encourage individuals to explore reality based on their own experiences. We warmly welcome seekers and aspirants from all backgrounds, regardless of nationality, residence, education, social status, or religion. The key requirement is a genuine desire for personal growth and the commitment to share knowledge with others alongside our community.

About World of Awakening School:

World of Awakening is a transformative school dedicated to guiding individuals towards awakening and full realisation of human potential. Through practical tools and techniques, a supportive community, and experienced guidance, we assist individuals in their journey towards inner freedom and clarity. Our focus is on developing awareness, fostering harmonious relationships, and embracing the true nature of oneself and the world. World of Awakening School welcomes seekers and aspirants in our centres in the USA and Europe, offering a place to learn, practice, and evolve together.

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