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Prillionaires Digital Wealth Launched Tracker App to help Transform Wealth Management

Prillionaires Wealth Tracker, a new application designed to assist users in managing their wealth and investments, offers a clear and user-friendly overview of financial performance. Prillionaires is meeting the increasing demand for wealth management and personal finance software with its comprehensive digital wealth management solution. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of fintech solutions, prompting more individuals to turn to online financial services. As a London-based start-up, Prillionaires provides a web-based platform and mobile app that simplify wealth management, positioning the company to capture a share of this expanding market. Catering to younger generation: Prillionaires News: According to recent survey data from 2023, younger generations are more inclined to utilize financial technology (fintech) apps. Specifically, 84% of those in the 25 to 34 age group reported using fintech apps, compared to only 23% of those 65 and older. In response to this trend, Prillionaires has also launched Prillionaires News, a luxury lifestyle magazine tailored for their audience. The platform,, offers a wealth of content ranging from investment guides and financial news to features on luxury goods and services. It serves as both an entertainment and learning site, providing insights into various aspects of the luxury lifestyle and wealth management.

The next-generation Prillionaires Wealth Tracker and net worth calculator app, along with the companion website, are the brainchild of the London-based husband and wife team Laszlo and Krisztina Peter. The website aims to attract prillionaires, the new generation of wealthy individuals who can learn financial and money management strategies to further enhance their financial situation. “Company created Prillionaires Wealth Tracker because they recognized the need for a straightforward, user-friendly app that could assist people in managing their wealth,” stated the co-founder of Prillionaires. “Company’s goal was to develop an application that would empower users to monitor their investments, understand their financial flow, and make informed decisions about their financial future, all from a single platform. By eliminating the need for users to log in to multiple financial apps, company make wealth management more convenient and efficient.”

Key Features of Prillionaires Wealth Tracker

Prillionaires Wealth Tracker offers a variety of features that make it a valuable tool for wealth management. These include:

  • Investment Tracking: The Prillionaires Portfolio Tracker module enables users to monitor their investments, including various types of assets such as stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies, in real time. Users can view the value of their investments and track their performance over time.
  • Multiple Banking: Prillionaires Wealth Tracker allows users to monitor transactions across multiple credit cards, checking accounts, and retirement accounts. This feature helps users understand where their money is going and adjust their spending habits accordingly.
  • Goal Setting: The app enables users to set financial goals, including the ultimate goal of calculating and tracking their net worth. Users can track their progress towards these goals and make necessary adjustments along the way.
  • Portfolio Analysis: Prillionaires Wealth Tracker offers portfolio analysis tools that help users assess the risk and return of their investments.
  • Real Estate and Car Value Monitoring: Users can monitor the value of their real estate properties and cars, providing a more comprehensive view of their net worth.
  • Mortgages and Loans: Users can add and monitor their mortgage and loan accounts, gaining a complete picture of their liabilities.
  • Diagrams: The app provides visual representations of financial data, facilitating users’ understanding of their financial situation.
  • History: Users can view their financial history, helping them understand their financial trends and patterns over time.
  • Downloads: Users can download their financial data for offline viewing or for use in other applications.
  • By providing all these features in one platform, Prillionaires Wealth Tracker eliminates the need for users to log in to multiple financial platforms, making wealth management more convenient and efficient.

About Prillionaires

Prillionaires is a London-based fintech pre-seed start-up founded by Laszlo Peter, an IT expert with extensive experience in the fintech industry and Krisztina Peter, a seasoned marketing professional with a strong background in digital marketing. Together, they form a dynamic husband-and-wife team with a shared vision to revolutionize the way people manage their wealth. The company actively seeks investment opportunities to support its growth and accelerate the development of its innovative solutions. Prillionaires welcomes partnerships with investors who share its vision and can contribute to its mission of transforming the wealth management landscape. Users are invited to sign up and join the waitlist for an exclusive opportunity to test the app before its widespread release.

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