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Leftcoins earns by using its own software to find abandoned wallets

Leftcoins Helps People to Earn Funds by Using Its Own Software to Find Abandoned Wallets

Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, 25th Jul 2023, King NewsWireCryptocurrency is characterized by its anonymity and decentralized nature. No personal information is required to register a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet because there is no single entity that stores passwords and can recover them. When a wallet is created, a personal private key is generated for the user.

A person can only access his or her wallet by entering a private key that cannot be recovered. People often lose their private keys and therefore access to their wallets.

As cryptocurrencies develop and spread around the world, the number of lost wallets will continue to grow.

Many users who own cryptocurrencies do not understand the technology and do not always realize how important it is to keep private keys. After all, bank keys and passwords are easy to recover, unlike cryptocurrency keys.

It is impossible to calculate how many passwords have been lost forever, so we are talking about inactive wallets, which are easy to track because of the transparency of blockchain technology and its decentralized nature.

It is important not only to know the number of unused wallets but also the amount stored in those wallets.

According to a study conducted by Crystal as of July 2020, only 5% of all inactive Bitcoin addresses with balances above 1 BTC contained 98.7% of the number of bitcoins accumulated in inactive Bitcoin addresses.

A Solution from Leftcoins

Leftcoins has developed software to search for abandoned wallets that haven’t had any transactions for a certain period of time and get access keys to them.

All the work on finding and selecting the keys to access the wallets is done on the company’s own servers. This gives an advantage in the speed of data processing. Our servers pick up to 1 000 000 variations of keys per minute, allowing efficient and fast access.

The Idea of Creation

The idea of Leftcoins appeared in 2020 when a friend of the founder Arnold Mitchell asked him to help restore access to the Bitcoin wallet.

Despite the difficulty, he got interested in this task, and after a few months of trying and testing, Arnold wrote his own software that uses a whole new way to find combinations.

After access to the wallet was restored, Arnold decided to scale up the idea. This is how Leftcoins was created.

By the end of 2021, the company became profitable. Two more data centers were opened in 2022.


Leftcoins is constantly buying new servers to make password decryption equipment more productive. In order to increase the productivity of the equipment, an investment program has been introduced.

The servers that have been purchased are used for decrypting passwords, and the investors redeem them from the company.

Investment Program

In order to buy new servers and expand the company’s activity, a unique investment program was introduced. It allows users registered at the Leftcoins website to invest in the company and start earning up to 4.7% profit per day.

Leftcoins offers users to purchase a virtual or physical server that will generate daily income.

You can merge multiple servers in order to upgrade to a more powerful server and increase daily income.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is used to promote Leftcoins services around the world and attract users.

Any registered user can become a participant in the affiliate program. A multilevel affiliate program is developed due to which users can earn up to 22% of the invited partner’s deposit amount and get a Money Bonus additionally.

The more referrals an inviting person has, the more income he will receive.

Also, a special system of rewarding users for their activity and actions which will contribute to the development of the company is provided.

Data Centers

The company currently owns three data centers that are located in Richmond Australia, Lovön Sweden, and San Francisco USA.

Future Plans

In the future, Leftcoins is planning many upgrades and improvements that will have a fruitful effect on the company’s development and capital flow.

There are plans to develop and issue the company’s own token, LCOT (Leftcoins Operational Token). The issuance of the token is scheduled for mid-2023.
There are plans to open a platform to attract large corporate investments and institutional investors.

In the near future, customers and partners of the company expect various technical updates, such as:

● A mobile app for comfortable work anywhere,

● service for the use of users’ PC power for key selection,

● introduction of a staking system, a support and loyalty program for token holders.


Over time, the list of services provided by Leftcoins will be significantly expanded, and almost any of the company’s functionality can be monetized and used as an additional source of income for the company, allowing Leftcoins investors to earn even more.

Visit to learn more about Leftcoins and its investment opportunities.

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