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East Asia NFT will be launched soon

United States, 2nd Aug 2023, King NewsWireRecently, a new type of offering, the Initial NFT Offering (INO), is gaining more and more attention. An Initial NFT Offering, or “INO”, is an innovative model of cryptocurrency crowdfunding based on the concept of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). With the development and maturity of the NFT market, the financing nature of NFT issuance has gradually become clear, and INO is rapidly gaining popularity as a brand-new product type.

East Asia NFT will be launched soon

Relying on a professional team and technology, a16z launched a “new financial model”. This new model of blockchain + finance allows finance and investment to have a comprehensive grasp of the underlying technological innovation capabilities of the blockchain, which means that it can achieve the same level as traditional finance. , big data and the Internet of Things and other industries are fully integrated, and the steady stream of productivity has made countless people see the future development prospects. With the help of mathematical algorithms to generate orderly ledgers and reliable database technology jointly maintained by all participating users, the combination of cost reduction and safety and effectiveness is sufficient to cope with the current economic situation that is not optimistic. With the continuous adaptation and innovation of blockchain technology in the financial industry, this is destined to become a “bright spot” in the financial industry.

When major enterprises are competing in blockchain technology, the practical application of blockchain in business has gradually attracted the attention of the market. This new “blockchain + finance” model can not only help companies enhance their risk control capabilities, but also effectively solve problems such as difficult and expensive financing for companies. At the same time, it aims to remove the complexity of the market and reduce participation costs. The decentralized governance method provides all ecological participants (investors) with more open and transparent, lower threshold, easier-to-operate financial services, and a fair decentralized trading ecosystem.

Good expectations are inseparable from strong practice. In order to realize the grand business blueprint and create a three-dimensional layout of blockchain + financial multi-ecology, a16z will comprehensively carry out three major regional market operations: European market, Asia-Pacific market, and North American market.

The forward momentum of a16z will not slow down because of the huge success in front of it. The good situation and the industrial model that has been researched to the extreme allow a16z to take advantage of the environment and opportunities to launch a series of more exciting plans. Taking advantage of the Asia-Pacific region’s policy support for Web3.0 and the gradual opening up of the encryption market, the person in charge of a16z expects to gradually introduce the Asia-Pacific market (excluding mainland China) in August 2023, and launch an NFT called “East Asia Digital Collection” Fund project, the funds raised will be used to invest in NFT projects and Web3.0 startups, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore will be listed as the first batch of pilot promotion areas, and the emerging integration of “blockchain + finance” will be applied for the first time on the project. The goal adopts a broadly balanced approach of systemic and discretionary. Incorporating a systematic approach involving independent teams using proprietary software, large data sets and the latest technology to predict asset returns and optimally execute trades. Its quick attack and a series of complete and appropriate arrangements and plans all imply that a16z will shake up the Asia-Pacific market, and of course, it will also inject infinite vitality into it.

Adhering to the development concept of “returning trust and making wonderful cooperation”, centering on the financial service platform based on decentralized community autonomy, through resource sharing and complementary advantages, it breaks the barriers to the combination of blockchain technology and financial investment. Implement the logic and rules of DAO governance, realize the concept of inclusive financial services and drive financial innovation. Through this self-government, trust, and practical-oriented process and links, all participants can enjoy the ecological dividend.

a16z uses the decentralized technology of continuous iteration of thinking and technology to ensure the high reliability of smart contract trust, eliminate manual errors, corruption and inefficiency, and ensure the absolute security of user assets. It is no exaggeration to say that a16z will surely attract billions of users around the world with its own superior concept, strong technical endorsement, safety, reliability, high return and low risk.

The business map of a16z is slowly unfolding. The new financial model launched by a16z has extremely strong liquidity and autonomy. This kind of effective technological system to reduce costs and prevent risks and effectively empower the real economy will also surely Bringing wealth appreciation to all members of the platform, a16z’s new direction is worth looking forward to. The goal is to achieve the first ten billion US dollars in investment income, complete a huge financing plan, prepare to build multiple intelligent aggregation investment network platforms all over the world, clear plans and goals, reasonable background and support, in short, a16z is expected to become the financial industry Internet field A reliable global partner, to become the leader of digital finance and business investment in the future Web3.0 era.

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