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Unboxify – revolutionizing e-commerce by redefining value, quality, and environmental responsibility

Unboxify is an e-commerce platform made by gadget experts driven by a passion for delivering the best value and quality to users. With a strong commitment to four fundamental ideologies, Unboxify aims to provide customers with unparalleled savings, top-notch product quality, carefully curated selections, and positive environmental impact.

India, 3rd Aug 2023 – At Unboxify, the motto is simple, to maximize the value delivered to customers. Every purchase made with Unboxify ensures that customers receive every penny’s worth of value and more. The products sold at Unboxify are unboxed, not refurbished, as often confused by many. All the products are in mint condition and were rarely used previously.

The team works diligently behind the scenes to maintain top-notch product quality and pass on incredible savings to customers. Unboxify offers an exclusive collection of unboxed products with a minimum of 30% off prevailing retail prices, which can even go up to 60% off factory prices.

All products go through a stringent 8-step quality check process before reaching the customers’ doorstep. The dedicated quality check team, with its laser-sharp eyes, ensures that less than 2% of products have any defects, which is even lower than the average defect rate of brand-new products.

Unboxify’s limited product catalog consists of only the best SKUs carefully selected and curated by the product team. These selections are based on multiple product quality and brand after-sales support parameters. With Unboxify, customers can explore a curated range of top-tier products from trusted brands, such as Apple, Bose, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nikon, GoPro, JBL, Jabra, and more. Unboxify offers a range of gadgets including earbuds, cameras, gimbals, mobiles/tablets, smartwatches, and more.

Choosing Unboxify not only benefits the users’ pockets but also contributes positively to the environment. Every unboxed device purchased reduces the collective carbon footprint by a substantial 80 kgs, compared to the 86 kgs produced when manufacturing a new device. Unboxed Products only generate 6 kgs of CO2e, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.

We believe in delivering unparalleled value and top-notch quality to our customers while staying committed to our responsibility towards the environment. With Unboxify, you can be super sure that you are getting every worth of your penny. Try us out once, and you’ll never have to look elsewhere for your gadget needs. Together, let’s unbox the future of conscious and rewarding shopping.” said Tanishq Agarwal, Founder of Unboxify.

About Unboxify:

Unboxify was founded by Tanishq Agarwal, an IIT-BHU Alumni, in 2021. The journey began in 2017 when Unboxify started as a marketplace seller on leading platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, gaining a reputable Top-Rated Seller status (4+) today. The unboxed division was established to address the global e-commerce returns issue, which reached a staggering GMV of $800 billion in the US alone in 2021. Today, Unboxify provides unboxed, rarely used, and mint-conditioned gadgets to customers.

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