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GameFi Triumph: Meteorn Run’s $2.5M Pre-sale Success Sparks Crypto Frenzy with $GMTO Surging 687.5%

London, Twickenham, United Kingdom, 10th Jan 2024 – The play-and-earn model GameFi project, Meteorn Run, proudly reveals a successful $2.5M pre-sale fundraising milestone. Meanwhile, the project announces the simultaneous launch of it’s NFT marketplace and the browser version of Meteorn Run’s game. 

$GMTO, the project’s in-game currency, listed on the CEX (LBANK) in last month, showcasing its vibrancy within the Meteorn Run gaming ecosystem. Meanwhile, the governance token, $MTO, is already listed on CEX ( $GMTO stands out as a crucial in-game currency, actively fueling the dynamic world of Meteorn Run.

$GMTO has gained immense popularity among secondary market users, witnessing a remarkable 687.5% surge in price within minutes of its listing. Notably, it earned a spot among the top 10 crypto gainers worldwide on the same day, as recognized by CoinCarp. In contrast to many other Web3 projects, $GMTO didn’t experience an immediate crash post-listing; instead, it’s price has steadily risen, capturing the sustained interest of investors. Consequently, we have conducted in-depth research and analysis on this project, and the findings are detailed below.

GameFi Triumph: Meteorn Run’s .5M Pre-sale Success Sparks Crypto Frenzy with $GMTO Surging 687.5%



Meteorn Run is a PLAY AND EARN gaming platform based on the Polygon Network, featuring various simple and exhilarating games within the same ecosystem. In the game currently under development, the protagonist is named Meteorn, allowing users to control Meteorn, run, collect gold coins, and navigate obstacles.

The project’s primary strength lies in its simplicity. While GameFi is a revolutionary and intriguing business model, some projects within the GameFi space tend to be complex, leading users to abandon them. Meteorn Run is designed to be straightforward, recognizing the need for accessibility and sustainability. The Web3 platform, often viewed as a high barrier for beginners, emphasizes the importance of ensuring the game is easy to understand. Whether a user is involved in cryptocurrency or not, a primary school student, or an elderly person, the game offers a user-friendly experience, allowing anyone to play easily and earn additional income.

Looking ahead, the project plans to develop a VR version of the game and create proprietary VR glasses, offering users an even more immersive gaming experience.


The games are accessible to players globally. They cater to both crypto users and those unfamiliar with crypto, whether equipped with VR glasses or playing on a smartphone without them. The gameplay is intentionally simple, offering users the opportunity to engage during their commute or enjoy casual fun with friends. Beyond entertainment, the game contributes to improving the player’s reaction speed, enhancing their leisure time experience.


Meteorn Run employs a dual-token system with $MTO and $GMTO, extending beyond mere trading transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges. As the project’s user base and game participation increase, so does the market demand for $MTO tokens. $MTO, integral to the project’s governance, allows users to acquire $GMTO token through staking.

Concurrently, the growth in the number of game users is anticipated to drive demand for $GMTO tokens, the essential in-game currency. Simultaneously, the total supply of $GMTO decreases as users utilize it in the game, with $GMTO burned up to half of the maximum supply. In line with economic principles, diminishing supply coupled with increasing demand is expected to drive up prices.

The ecological use of $MTO tokens encompasses governance aspects and the ability to purchase NFT shoes in Meteorn Run’s NFT Marketplace. Users can also earn $MTO by equipping characters with NFT shoes and engaging in gameplay.

As for $GMTO tokens, users can utilize them for repairing worn shoes, NFT level-up fees, and acquiring NFT items that aid in-game progression. Additionally, future plans include allowing users to buy NFT shoes using $GMTO in Meteorn Run’s NFT Marketplace.


Meteorn Run strives to deliver the possibilities, economies, quality, and value of GameFi through a robust ecosystem, in-game characters, and NFTs. Their specific goal is to achieve 20,000 active NFT users worldwide within the first year of the game’s release.

Anticipate the app version release of Meteorn Run in Q1 2024, with their development team diligently working on this exciting project.

For companies and projects (B2B) seeking participation, they can collaborate through NFT partnerships and in-game advertising. 

Individual participation (B2C) is equally straightforward for users. Engage in the PLAY AND EARN experience by purchasing running shoes NFT on their NFT Marketplace, enjoying the thrill of the game while earning rewards. The rewards in $MTO can be staking and earn $GMTO token, sell on exchange, buy other higher-performance shoes on their marketplace.

Meteorn Run Game: (*Start the game by launching the above link in your web3 wallet browser. The link only works in the wallet browser)

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